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A wide range of animal services
Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you do

PooP Scooping

A PooPs-R-Us technician will arrive to your home with clean and sterilized equipment. Shoe covers to prevent cross contamination between other animal and yards. We will free your yard of all unwanted droppings from the grass, rocks, cement, and deck or patio areas.

3 Dogs

~ $14  - Weekly
~ $10 per  - 2x weekly
~ $32  - Every other week

1 Dog

~ $8   - Weekly
~ $6 per - 2x weekly
~ $17 - Every-other-week

2 Dogs

~ $12 - Weekly
~ $8 per - 2x weekly
~ $25 - Every other week

4 Dogs

~ $20  - Weekly
~ $12 per  - 2x weekly
~ $45  - Every other week

5 Dogs

~ $25  - Weekly
~ N/R  - Twice per week
~ N/R  - Every other week

     N/R = Not Recommended

6 Dogs

~ $35  - Weekly
~ N/R  - Twice per week
~ N/R  - Every other week

     N/R = Not Recommended

7 or more dogs call for a price quote

Initial Cleaning

~ Service starts with your initial cleaning which removes all unwanted pet waste from the property
~ A Home Depot bucket is used to determine the cost of this visit
~ The first bucket is $35 and any additional bucket is $20 each
~ Payment is expected at time of service and can be in the form of cash or check only
~ These prices also apply to 1 time cleanings

10% Discount in honor of all:
  • Military
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Service Dogs
  • Handicapped (must show Proof)

New Customer Information Sheet



Commercial Properties

To receive a FREE price quote please submit the following information:
~Property address
~A map of the community with an X on areas needing service
~ Frequency
~Contact person, phone number, and email address

Please allow up to 72 hours for the quote

  1. Title 2
  2. Title 3
  3. Title 4
  4. Title 5

Pet Sitting

When life gets busy and you need to leave town for business or pleasure, give us a call to care for your pets. We offer in your home pet sitting service that will accommodate your schedule.

This service includes:
  • Overnight stay from 7pm to 7am
  • Feeding of all household pets
  • Potty Breaks
  • Home security
  • Water plants/garden upon request
  • Check Mail
  • Bring in newspaper or packages
  • A mid-day potty break can be added for an additional fee of $15 each

7pm to 7am Overnight Pet Sitting

~ 1st Night                   $65
~ Additional Night    $50/night
~ Major Holiday         $10

Pet sitting is at the client's home only
Up to 3 dogs only

Guidelines for Overnight Sitting
~ No one may enter your home without your written consent and this includes relatives, friends, and
~ The client will be given a cell number to reach your sitter. Your sitter will not use the client's home phone
     unless an emergency occurs
~ Your sitter will provide their own food and beverage so the use of kitchen appliances is required such as
    microwave and refrigerator
~ Your sitter will bring an air mattress and linens to use for the entire stay in your home
~ Your sitter will check all windows/doors to ensure the safety and security of your home upon the arrival
    and departure
~ Your sitter may need the usage of your TV during the stay in your home, but will not use any services that
     will cause the homeowner additional charges or fees such as pay-per-view

~ Your sitter may bring a personal laptop so please provide your internet network name & password

Cat Sitting
Cats don't normally require an overnight stay, so cat visits are $15/visit

      These visits include:
  ~ Feeding and fresh water
  ~ Cleaning of catbox
  ~ 15 to 20 minute interaction


Mid-Day Potty Breaks
  All potty breaks/feeding visits are $15 each visit
      These visits include:
  ~ Feeding and fresh water
  ~ Cleaning of catbox for cats
  ~ 15 to 20 minute interaction


Current PooPs-R-Us clients will receive a 10% discount when adding additional services.

Dog Walking

We understand that it is very beneficial to get regular exercise, fresh air, and mental stimulation for the health and well-being of your dog. We specialize in private leashed walks within your neighborhood or nearby community park. Additional dogs are $5 each.


  • 20                      $15
  • 30                      $20
  • 45                      $35
  • 60                      $40